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AVOI Sonrisas por banderas organizes a beneficial bervena to Remodel the Bone Marrow Transplantation Chambers in the Child Oncology Plant of Materno Hospital, to make them more childlike and familiar, so that when a child has to have a transplant, that It usually lasts an average of 21 days, you feel at home, or rather, see a world full of smiles, magic and fantasy on the walls and furniture of your room.

Said bervena will take place in the Parque María Zambrano, Las Lagunas - Mijas. The Day of June 3, starting at 12:00 in the morning.


They are an association of volunteers from Malaga, who since 1993 has been
Help hospitalized children making your stay as happy as possible.
They have the help of about 150 volunteers who from Monday to Sunday have fun
And entertain these children and their families with games, workshops and much
fun. They also organize trips where children enjoy and coexist with others
Children who are going through the same situation.
In addition, most of its partners and the board of AVOI
Is mainly composed of parents and relatives of these children, who are
Advise and help to move forward with activities and projects.


* Make more pleasant the stay of children hospitalized, through games,
Workshops and varied entertainment.
* Transform the vision of a hospital where education, culture and
Social coexistence.
* Make sure children are not afraid of the hospital environment.
* Encourage the workshop of crafts of mothers and fathers in the plant of oncology.
* Organize excursions.
* To adequately train our volunteers to make our work
Be as effective as possible.
* Collaborate closely with the hospital to the best of our ability
In order to give a higher quality of our services.

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