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Located between the castle and the Tahiti beach, Santa Amalia beach has a wide offer of hotels, hostels, apartments and international and local restaurants and pubs. Not so crowded as the beaches in the city centre is a nice possibility to enjoy our coast. Amongst all the beach restaurants placed there, the Gali-Gali with more than 40 years history is something worth to visit. Also the part of the promenade close to the castle becomes narrower but with a quite atmosphere, perfect to enjoy a peaceful walk with an overview of Mijas mountains, the Sohail castle and the Fuengirola river..

In addition, this beach has a Lifeguard and first-aid stand, public phones, showers and several renting services of sun loungers. This location is easily reachable either walking, by car or using public buses. If the car option is preferred, the parking problems must be taking into consideration since there is no private parking facilities. Nevertheless the possibilities to find a parking place directly on the street are bigger than in the city centre.

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